home1A garden summer house is a fantastic way to upgrade the value and appearance of your garden or yard. They can also be a sound investment as they immediately add to the value of your property. Plus they can add an additional room (and even rooms) that you can use for guests.

Wooden summer houses can serve as a centerpiece for your garden barbecues or summer parties. Alternatively they can also be useful as an outside workplace, when you are working from home, or just a place of seclusion; someplace to go to throughout the day to have a cup of coffee and read the early morning or a book newspaper.

Nowadays, you are able to purchase a garden summer house online, where you can select from a large variety of wooden summer homes that cover all styles and budgets. Below we list five different types that might be of interest to you. Select from one of these wooden summer houses and transform your garden this year.

Low Cost

There are some fantastic examples of low cost summer homes on the market that provide a no-frill practical outdoor room, which can be used simply as a place to get away, or as a centerpiece for a barbecue or other kind of outdoor party. These kinds of wooden summer homes can bring your house an additional room without breaking the bank.

With Verandah

A little more pricey kind of garden summer house are those that have a verandah. As an additional feature that can be used to sit out on and enjoy the garden on a hot summer’s day, the summer house with verandah is also more visually pleasing than a more conventional economy summer house is.


Corner summer houses typically fulfil an extremely specific design need and can make fantastic use of the area in your garden. The focus here is frequently more on functionality instead of visual appeals, nevertheless, it is possible to find some corner summer residences at specialist sites online that are quite attractive.


Octagonal summer houses are all about style and are generally towards the top of the mid-range price for garden summer homes. This can be an excellent addition to your garden, however you have to be sure that it’s unique style is a good fit within the context of your overall home and garden aesthetic before you commit yourself to something so stylistically striking.

Insulated Garden Structures

At the very top end of the garden summer house price scale are insulated garden buildings, which can be made use of for all manner of things, such as an outside workplace or a work studio and are in effect a real living extension of your home. Insulated garden buildings do not come cheap, however keep in mind that they will contribute to the value of your house and certainly increase the resale appeal of your home when you decide to sell in the future.